The DX ONE CRYSTAL RADIO KIT is dollar for dollar the BEST.

Folks don’t let the low price fool you this is a “serious” Crystal Radio.



$ 34.95


Deluxe Basic Crystal Set


$ 21.95

Crystal Radio Supply's Deluxe Basic AM Crystal Radio Set

Just Because you are purchasing a basic Crystal Set does not mean that you can't have a quality well crafted set that you will be proud to display.

You will need an Antenna and Ground connection.



Traveler II Crystal Radio Set
Only a few available
Comes in two versions the Traveler II and the Traveler II SE
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The Traveler II Crystal Radio Kit

High Performance Crystal Radio features gear reduction inductive coupling
and a Tuggle Crystal Radio Front End.
High Q Ferrite Litz Coils.



The Traveler II Special Edition Crystal Radio Kit


$ 119.95

To have your Traveler II Radio Kit Assembled and tested add this charge to your Cart.

      Assembly Charge

$ 30.00


Sorry out of stock.

High Performance Crystal Radio features gear reduction inductive coupling
and a Tuggle Crystal Radio Front End.

Planetary drive capacitors with dial pointers and Bakelite nos knobs.
High Q Ferrite Litz Coils.

The DX ONE Crystal Radio Kit has a higher level of assembly difficulty than a simple basic set but the payoff is great (soldering required)

The performance of this set will spank any basic set and will perform better than sets costing much more.

The DX ONE  is built on the same format that is popular with many of crystal radios best DX contest operators. It is double tuned and loose coupled. To deliver performance not found in single tuned units.

If you have been using a single tuned radio or a set with out variable inductive coupling you will appreciate the increased performance of the DX ONE.

The distance between the two coils can be adjusted greatly increasing the performance.

No coil winding is required because this set comes with pre-wound coils.

Earphone is included, all you will need is an Antenna and Ground.

Even though it has a low price tag the DX  ONE  packs a lot of performance and features .


The DX TWO is the same as the very popular DX ONE shown above except for the addition of a onboard Wave Trap.

The very effective wave trap consist of a hi Q  litz ferrite transformer for sharp tuning . In testing we were able to knock a down a 50,000 watt flame throwing station and listen to a weak  station just 50 KHz up the dial.

A switch is included to allow the Wave Trap to be switched in or out of the circuit.

All of of the coils on the DX TWO including the Wave Trap transformer are pre-wound to make your kit easy to build.

$ 49.95