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Variable Capacitors

381 pf Air Variable Capacitor

Great Deal on a Great Capacitor!   

This is the same capacitor that other sellers call 365pf so why pay more?

These Capacitors are very popular for Crystal Radio and Ham projects.

Priced Right !

Note: Be sure and check out the mounting brackets in the mounting brackets category.


$ 10.80



Air Variable Capacitor with built in 8:1 planetary drive.



Only $16.95

Why pay more? Sold elsewhere for $19.95

The 8:1 planetary drive provides four full turns of the shaft from Maximum Capacitance to Minimum Capacitance.

The performance you want at a price you can afford.

Note: Be sure and check out the mounting brackets in the mounting brackets category.


$ 16.95



Two-Gang 365 pf Air Variable Tuning Capacitor


Hard to beat this Price !

Great Deal on a Heavy Duty two-gang variable capacitor.


$ 21.50



Hard to Find Two-Gang Air Variable with built in 6:1 Planetary Drive.       


Your building a project and laying out the bucks for a two gang capacitor.

You already have so much invested !

This is not the place to cut corners for a few dollars more you can have the performance of a quality built in 6:1 planetary drive.


$ 26.95



Two-Gang Miniature Variable Capacitor


$ 4.75



Has a small envelope only measures about 7/8 inch square and 1/2 inch thick not counting the shaft .

The shaft is about 9/16 inch long.

Two-gang variable, one section is a 80 pf and the second section is 160 pf.

When the two sections are connected in parallel  you have a 240 pf capacitor that will tune the AM band when used with Crystal Radio Supply's Coil part number Coil-9.

Each section also has separate trimmer capacitors.

Mounting screws Included.

Great for those miniature radio projects because you can use your large diameter 1/4 inch knobs.


These are complete kits including N50 variable capacitor, dial scale, mounting bracket, knob and mounting screws.


Bring back that old time look !

This kit will make your next board project really stand out.



This is a Crystal Radio Supply Exclusive you will not find this item anywhere else.


Old Time mounting Kit

$ 16.95

Board not included


Low Loss Ceramic Air Variable Capacitor

$ 19.95


Check out the new reduction drive Shaft offer on the home page.


This low loss  ceramic Capacitor is double ended for increased rigidity and it's single hole mounting makes it a snap to install.

This High performance capacitor will tune the AM Band with a coil in the 280 Uh to 300 Uh range.


Compact size measures approximately 1.4" wide X 1.9" (Body)

8 PF to 322.7 PF ( I tested 330 pf with my capacitance meter )

Low loss L4 ceramic insulators.

1/4 inch diameter insulated shaft.

Uses 3/8 inch panel nuts for mounting. ( Two Included)

.016 air gap

Rated for 640 volts max